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Meet the Author

The Klaus Series was created in memory of our 120-pound, gentle-spirited Rottweiler name Klaus. He was the most human-like dog that we had the joy of loving. In autumn, he loved to play in piles of leaves, and he was always sure to have a snow-covered nose on a snowy winter’s day.

Comfy pajamas, hot chocolate, a good book, and a dog by my side. It doesn't get any better than that!

- Denise Flagg, Author

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Denise’s love of books and for animals have merged together to create a children’s book series that entertains as it educates. She has two book completed in the Klaus series, Klaus' First Winter and Christmas With Klaus. She is in the process of working on book three in the series. She is also known as honorary elf Dee and the author The North Pole Post. 

Denise serves on a volunteer committee for Friends of the Providence Animal Care & Control Center, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, dedicated to supporting the shelter pets awaiting adoption at The Providence Animal Shelter. For more information about Friends of the PACCC, visit

Denise is also the Editor-in-Chief of The Bubblah, New England's Kids' Magazine, which launched on September 1, 2020. It's a free, digital, interactive magazine that celebrates kids, kindness & creativity. Kids publish their art, photography, short stories, poetry, culinary dishes, and more. Visit to learn more about this fun magazine. 

Denise is a member of the Association of Rhode Island Authors. She lives in Southern New England with her husband Ernie and their adorable, rescue dog, Jax. A percentage of her book sales help support the enrichment programs at the Providence Animal Shelter. She is a passionate advocate for adopting at your local animal shelter or rescue.

Thoughts From a Shelter Dog

Written by Denise

Please look at me.

Please don’t walk away.

Maybe today will be my day.

Come home with me.

I hope to hear someone say.

Maybe today will be my day.

I dream of a yard in which I can run and play.

Maybe today will be my day.

A content belly,

And a soft, warm bed I pray.

Maybe today will be my day.

Imagining games of Tug-a-War.

And belly rubs every day.

Maybe today will be my day.

Did you know that my love is unconditional?

And that never will it stray?

Maybe today will be my day.

A family to call my own…

I am blessed. Hooray, hooray!

There’s no maybe about it—

Today is my day!

If you would like to learn more about The Association of Rhode Island Authors (ARIA), visit their website at

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