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Expand Your Child’s Mind

Denise encourages reading to your child. Reading helps develop listening skills, opens the door to imagination and enhances creativity. Foster a love for reading by making bedtime stories a family tradition. Snuggle up with your child and a good book, and enjoy some quality time with your little one. It's never too soon to start reading to a child.

 Books by the Author

Klaus’ First Winter

Teach your kids how animals stay warm in the winter in a fun and interesting way!

Take a stroll with Klaus the dog, through a charming New England neighborhood, and meet some of his friends along the way. On this adventure, you will discover how Sally Squirrel, Billy the Eastern Bluebird and Freddie Frog survive the cold and snowy winter months. Have fun while learning about migration and hibernation on this fun, autumn, morning walk.

Christmas With Klaus

When Denise and Ernie carry a tree into the house, set it in a stand and waters it, a baffled and curious Klaus wonders why. Klaus turns to his friend Pebbles, who is a dog too, for the answer. Join in the excitement as Klaus plays in snow for the first time, discovers an ornament with his name hanging from a tree branch and learns about Christmas traditions and the reason for the season.

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When you buy books directly from the author, you will receive a free bookmark with each book purchased . You can also get an autographed copy when you attach a request with the name(s) of the recipient. Be sure to include your shipping address.

To purchase a copy of Klaus’ First Winter or Christmas with Klaus, send a check or money order in the amount of $19.56 (shipping included) payable to the contact information below. Please allow two weeks for delivery. For your convenience, credit card payment via Square is accepted. You can also find her books on .Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Books are also available at the following locations:

Stillwater Books (Pawtucket, RI)

Booklovers' Gourmet (Webster, Massachusetts)

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Imagine Gift Store (Warren, RI)

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Tally's Religious Gifts (Cranston, RI) *Christmas only

Jack's Snacks, A dog bakery (Warwick, RI)

Gift Shop at Kent Hospital (Warwick, RI)

Rumor has it that the author knows Santa personally. If you would like a Christmas letter from Santa Claus himself mailed all the way from the North Pole, send Denise a request along with $4.00 for the letter, envelope, and postage. Forward a check or money order to the author’s address below. Letters begin December 1st.

Envelopes will be addressed to the kids. Be sure to include the child/children's name/s, residence details, and the guardian’s contact name and number.


Denise Flagg, Author

P.O. Box 9112

Warwick, Rhode Island 02889

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